About Delo company

About Delo company2023-01-17T09:56:58+01:00

Delo d.o.o. is a leading and most influential news media company on the Slovenian media market with the most comprehensive and complete portfolio of newspapers, newspaper supplements, news web-pages and applications who are the market leaders in their respective segments.

The company plays an important role in shaping the public opinion, because in our editions we provide our readers with qualitative and timely information every day; we promote a reading culture and awareness in the population, and therefore enable the widest context of social discourse.

Company publishes two central daily newspapers Delo and Slovenske novice, weekly newspapers Nedelo and Nedeljske novice, supplement editions Ona, Deloindom, Polet, Vikend, Sobotna priloga, Odprta kuhinja, Super50, web pages www.delo.si, www.slovenskenovice.si, www.onaplus.si, www.deloindom.si, www.odprtakuhinja.si, www.micna.si, weekly magazine Suzy and monthly magazine Onaplus.

Media house Delo, d.o.o. through its wide array of content reaches various segment of consumers on print, web, mobile and tablet platforms. In this way, the content is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and every day in the year. In addition, Delo is the organizer of many cultural, charity, sports, and other events which are an important part of yearly positioning of Delo’s brands, among its consumer segments in the Slovenian market.

General manager: Stojan Petrič, +386 1 47 37 400, poslovodstvo@delo.si

General manager: Nataša Luša, +386 1 47 37 400, poslovodstvo@delo.si